Rmik – Cleaning Manager


My name is Rmik. I was born in Afghanistan but our family moved to Iran when I was a young child. In Iran I grew up studying and working at the same time, but I worked more than I studied.

I have been living in Finland for nearly nine years. At first I lived in Oulu for three years. During that time I studied Finnish language for approximately six months and after that I studied HVAC for ten months. While studying I worked as an assistant cook, dishwasher and I also cleaned restaurants.

I remember visiting different shopping centres in Espoo where I saw employees of Spectra moving shopping carts, that is my first memory of Spectra. In 2015 local employment office recommended me to apply to work for Spectra. Before Spectra I was working part-time most of the time, but I wanted to work full-time. That was one of the reasons I wanted to apply. I got into an interview, but that time I didn’t get the job. I reapplied one year later and finally got to work with Spectra!

I have been working with Spectra for a few years now. I started as a cleaner in Espoo, then moved into another unit. Later I applied to work as a cleaning manager inside Spectra and got the job. At that time my Finnish wasn’t that good in my opinion but it has gotten much better now. The job was a fit for me. In my opinion I’m really good in solving problems. Right now I am a cleaning manager in Olari, Espoo. I would like to thank Tiitu (my supervisor) for guiding and assisting me so much throughout my career here!

I enjoy my work the most when places are fully cleaned and everything has been done well.  I always try to do my job as well as possible. I also try to be friendly with everyone, inside and outside work. A perfect Spectra employee for me is someone who has been trained to the position well and knows what to do.

When I started working for Spectra I didn’t know about the employee of the month thing that Spectra has going on. One time my colleague told me I was chosen as an employee of the month and I didn’t know what was that about. I went through my previous payslips and found out I had been chosen several times. I was glad to find a bonus had been paid for my excellent effort each time!

If I were to use a slogan, it would definitely be when you do something, do it the best way you can!


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